Pajamas that support your life

The time you spend sleeping in GOOD NIGHT SUIT pajamas will create a better tomorrow.

Our brand concept is
" Formal attire for quality sleep ."

I want to live the long journey of life in my own way.
I want to get back the smile I had envisioned.

GOOD NIGHT SUIT pajamas are
From the moment you put it on your arm, you will be on your way to a good night's sleep.

And, "You did your best. You're doing your best."
GOOD NIGHT SUIT heals you today,
He will confirm it.

Those who are worried about not being able to sleep,
People who are struggling with work, housework, childcare, and nursing care,
I want to deepen the bonds between my family and my husband and wife,
I want to help everyone like that.
I want those who are working hard to get a good night's sleep.

GOOD NIGHT SUIT pajamas will support your life.

When you wear GOOD NIGHT SUIT pajamas,
The switch to sleep is turned on, and the brain tells the body, ``Let's go to sleep!''

When the quality of sleep improves, many things improve.
Peace of mind enriches your life.

We believe that GOOD NIGHT SUIT will be useful for high-quality sleep.

5 added values ​​of GOOD NIGHT SUIT

Rather than material wealth,
What we can do in this era of seeking spiritual enrichment,
There are things that only we can do.

1.We make pajamas using high-quality domestically produced fabrics.

Using only carefully made natural fibers such as organic cotton,
We produce fabrics in Japan that have the functions needed for each season.

Sometimes processing to soften the fabric,
When smoothing, we repeatedly brush finely and carefully,
We create elegant and fluffy fabrics to help you get a comfortable night's sleep throughout the year.
We pay special attention to making the dough.

All these are
We use looms and knitting machines, which are rare in Japan, to create a soft, cotton-like texture.
This comfort is directly connected to the comfort of wearing and sleeping.

2.Sewn in Japan

Sewn at a sewing factory in Gifu Prefecture. Our products are carefully sewn by employees at our overseas factories under the direction of skilled craftsmen.

In order to preserve and protect Japan's wonderful manufacturing for the future,
We are particular about fabric production and sewing in Japan.

Just like what you put in your mouth, what you wear should be safe.

3.Sewn using bag stitching

Make sure the seam allowance does not touch your skin.
It is sewn using bag stitching.

In addition, we have carefully positioned the brand tag and washing instructions so that they do not come into contact with your skin.

It does not cause skin stress to anyone, not just those with sensitive skin.
We provide pajamas to help you concentrate on your sleep.

4.We do the thoughtful wrapping with our own hands.

There were a total of three of us, my husband and I, and the staff.
Every inch of our pajamas is inspected and ironed before we prepare them.

Each and every one of you,
We will take a photo of the wrapping process and send it to the customer.

For customers who think it's their birthday or wedding anniversary,
We offer extra wrapping.

While imagining the customer,
We send the pajamas with as much consideration and gratitude as possible.

5. Don't neglect aftercare

If the threads become frayed or the fabric rips, instead of throwing it away, you can repair it many times and wear it again with care.

Then you will grow attached to it and want to wear it forever.
We create pajamas that make people think that way,
We will repair your precious item with all our heart.

Also, the hem and sleeves are long...the width is not wide enough...
We will solve your problems as well.

Wearing pajamas that fit your body is
This is a major prerequisite for getting a good night's sleep.
We accept repairs no matter how many years have passed.

for a better tomorrow

Gone are the days when long working hours were a virtue.
We live in an era where true joy is to achieve results in a short period of time and to enrich both work and private life.

At the same time, there has been a lot of talk about how important sleep is.

Eat, bathe, and sleep at the same times every day.
Once this routine gets ingrained in your body, not only will a regular lifestyle become a habit,
I feel that it will improve my performance the next day and lead to better results.

Valuing sleep means living a fulfilling life.
Wearing pajamas to turn on the sleep switch is the first step to a good night's sleep.

Love yourself in your pajamas, not just the comfort,
You can feel that pajamas are nice.
That is GOOD NIGHT SUIT pajamas.

However, manufacturing products places a burden on the environment.
When it comes to fabric processing and dyeing, how much impact do chemicals have on the environment and how much energy do they use?

If you sell after understanding them,
We strive to minimize our impact on the environment.
produce really good things.

Rather than choosing clothes based on excitement or brand name,
Are these clothes considerate of the environment and people?
I want to live in a world where more people stop and think before choosing their clothes.

Let people know about our products
By getting people to buy it,
I learned that there are problems like this in making clothes.
I want as many people as possible to know about it.

Rather than following trends,
Listen to your own “likes” and
We will create designs that you will want to wear for a long time.

I won't leave any clothes behind

Among the SDGs that the world has come together to raise, we are particularly conscious of the 12th goal, ``Responsible Production and Responsible Consumption.''

In line with the SDGs of “leaving no one behind”,
We are committed to not leaving any pajamas behind.

Because of our relationship with our customers, we have come across GOOD NIGHT SUIT, and it is on its way to our customers.

Every product meets the customers it is meant to meet,
We don't want even a single pair of unsold pajamas that we want to last with us for many years to come.We only make products that are made with love and in the required quantity.

People involved in cotton cultivation, spinning, dyeing, and sewing,
And we would like to express our gratitude to all our customers.

Have a good sleep! Have a good night!!