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Elegant luster and smooth texture.

What kind of pajamas are these enchantingly smooth pajamas?

Who would you like to recommend it to? Please take a look.

Beautiful to the eyes and gentle to the skin

The smooth texture leads to a good night's sleep.

The fabric has a beautiful expression that shows off every time you move your body, and it feels so good when you touch it.

This fabric moves smoothly and lightly,

It not only provides comfort but also the joy of wearing it.

Recommended for those who value the feel of the fabric and those who seek comfort.

Just the right texture, neither too thin nor too thick

These pajamas are typical year-round pajamas, and the fabric is just the right thickness.

If you adjust the inner layer, it may become the most useful item of the year.

These pajamas are recommended for those who are looking for pajamas all year round.

Organic cotton in every detail

The fabric is 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.

The buttons are also made of natural materials. Elegant natural teal pearl buttons.

And washing instructions. We have changed the material that used to be polyester to organic cotton.

Rather than chemical fibers or artificially made materials,

For those who want to wear their whole body in natural materials.

And to leave cotton in the future.

Please check out our blog to find out why we choose organic cotton.

skin stress free

*This is a photo of the back side of the fabric and the armpit area.

Bag stitching is used to prevent the seam allowance from touching the skin.

In addition, we have carefully positioned the brand tag and washing instructions so that they do not come into contact with your skin.

The top's brand tag and size information are on the hem below the fifth button. Washing instructions are in the chest pocket.

The pants have a small size marking attached to the bottom of the elastic waistband.

Minimize contact with the skin by attaching it to a place that expands and contracts.

This size notation is only sewn on the upper part with a sewing machine, so

You can remove it if you don't need it.

Not only children but also adults can get itchy and damage their skin if they come into contact with them.

It does not cause skin stress to anyone, not just those with sensitive skin. Pajamas to help you concentrate on sleep.

Wrinkles peculiar to woven fabrics

It is important to keep your clothes in good condition to maintain the excitement you felt when you first bought them.

When wrinkles are noticeable, you tend to think that the item is completely different from when you tried it on.


As it is a woven material, wrinkles are not noticeable, so you can wear it comfortably every night.

I think you'll feel "Ah, I'm beautiful" every time you put your sleeves through your sleeves after taking a bath.

Shift to a regular life

To perform at your best the next day, always eat, bathe, and sleep at the same times.

Above all, I would like you to value sleep, which requires a long period of time.

For those who doze off in a place other than bed or futon while wearing loungewear or jerseys,

We recommend wearing pajamas as an easy way to turn on the sleep switch.

Sleep in your pajamas and open the curtains when you wake up. This repetitive rhythm is engraved into your body

This will lead to a regular life.

For those who want to make these wishes come true through pajamas, regardless of age,


Of course, I wish everyone a happy sleep time.

I want to continue using organic cotton from now on.

We make pajamas with this wish in mind.


Have a pleasant morning for your mind and body.

*Both fabric and sewing are MADE IN JAPAN
*Male model is 186cm tall and is wearing size L, female model is 166cm tall and is wearing size L
*This product is for spring and autumn.
*Comes with a drawstring bag made of the same material that can be used when traveling etc.

■We use GOTS certified thread.
Not only is the cotton free of pesticides, but
In all processes from cotton harvesting to spinning to distribution,
Environmentally and socially considerate methods are implemented,
This mark indicates that the product is managed to avoid mixing with general products or contamination.

■Production background Cotton cultivation, spinning: India Yarn dyeing: Taka Town, Hyogo Prefecture / Taka Someko Co., Ltd. Weaving: Taka Town, Hyogo Prefecture Processing, finishing: Nishiwaki City, Hyogo Prefecture / Toban Someko Co., Ltd.
The sewing details will not be made public to prevent imitations.

■About bag stitching All surfaces that come into contact with the skin are bag stitched.
Bag stitching refers to sewing once outside the finished line and then hiding the sewn part in a bag to create a seam allowance.
By hiding it in a bag-like shape, the seam allowance does not touch the skin.
The photo below was taken of the armpit, the side that touches the skin.

■About the waist elastic We have adopted ``BB waffle elastic'' for the waist elastic, which is a concern for tightening.
"BB waffle rubber" is difficult to bend or turn over,
Made of a softer material that stretches better than regular rubber.

About laundry

Place it in a net and use a neutral detergent (such as Emar) that does not contain fluorescent agents.

Although it is possible to use a weak alkaline detergent (such as Attack), we recommend using a neutral detergent that does not contain fluorescent agents to prevent color fading and ensure long-lasting wear.

Please avoid using a dryer at home or in a coin laundry. This will cause it to shrink.

Gently tap the entire surface with your palm to smooth out any wrinkles, then dry in the shade.

About payment methods

We accept payment using the following methods.
・Credit card/Cash on delivery (Cash on delivery fee of 330 yen (tax included) will be charged)
・Bank transfer (prepayment)
*For details, please check <About payment methods> in the Frequently Asked Questions .

about shipping cost

The fee is 600 yen (tax included) nationwide.
*However, Okinawa and remote islands will cost 1,650 yen (tax included).

About delivery

*For credit card and cash on delivery orders, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, we will do our best to ship items ordered in the morning on the same day. However, please note that depending on the number of shipments, it may be the next day.
In addition, we are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays, so we will ship the items after the holidays.
If your desired delivery date is not the same as your desired delivery date, please specify in the notes section.

*In the case of bank transfer, we will ship the items in order after confirming the payment.

Other questions

Please check the " Indication based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law " and " Frequently Asked Questions ", and if you have any questions, please feel free to email us from " Contact Us " or contact us at 042-682-0322.

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